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laboratory instruments
 CHF100SA  CHF122SC  Magnetic Stirrers
 TVS062CA  TVS126MA  TVS486AA  Water Baths
Laboratory Instrumentation
To access a catalog simply click on the model number or online catalog icon. Our online catalog requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. Download Acrobat Reader
Fraction Collectors: CHF Series
CHF100SA.pdf CHF122SC
CHF100SA    CHF100SA catalog
CHF122SC    CHF122SC catalog
PDF file 193 KB PDF file 2.15 MB
Rocking Incubators: TVS Series
TVS062CA.pdf TVS126MA TVS486AA
TVS062CA    TVS062CA catalog TVS126MA    TVS126MA catalog TVS486AA    TVS486AA catalog
PDF file 78 KB PDF file 79 KB PDF file 65 KB
Magnetic Stirrers Water Baths
Magnetic Stirrers.pdf Water Baths
mstirrer catalog
water bath catalog
PDF file 198 KB PDF file 245 KB