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Filtration Products
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  Filter Holders

Pressure Filter Holders:
Ultraclean or sterilize liquids or gases at high pressures.

  • Achieve higher flow rates with greater differential pressures than with vacuum
  • Avoid downstream foaming of proteins and other polymers
  • Minimize unintentional contamination downstream of the membrane

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Syringe-Type and
In-Line Holders
syringe.gif (1115 bytes)   Stainless Syringe 13, 25 mm Luer fittings
Polypropylene 25, 47 mm 25 mm luer
47 mm threaded / slip
Gas Line 25, 47 mm Threaded / hose barb
High Pressure 47 mm Threaded fittings
Sanitary 25, 47 mm Sanitary / hose barb
Vented 47 mm Threaded / hose barb
Free Standing Holders wpe13.gif (1101 bytes) Standard 90, 142, 293 mm Threaded / hose barb
Sanitary Sanitary / hose barb
Multimedia Threaded / hose barb
Holders with Reservoir reservoir_holder.gif (1096 bytes) Reservoir 47, 90, 142 mm Threaded / hose barb
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