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Filtration Products
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  Filter Holders

Pressure Filter Holders with Reservoir


  • Filter small batches of liquids without a separate pressure dispensing vessel
  • Sterilize and ultraclean
  • Perform flow decay studies for pilot studies
  • 142 mm is approved by the EPA for hazardous waste toxicity testing and TCLP


  • Separate ports for adding sample and pressurizing reservoir
  • Membrane sealed by hand-tightening of locking wing nuts
  • Holder design minimizes resistance and maximizes flow rate
  • Available with accessory back pressure support screen for intermittent fill operations
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  Model Catalog # Type
Capacity Filtration
Connectors Other

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KST47 301500 304 200 ml 12.5 cm2

1/4" NPT

Max. pressure differential 7kg/cm2 (100 psi)

Hose barb adapters and pressure relief valve provided

Ball valve provided on KST90 and KST142

Stainless steel support screen is PTFE coated for KST90 and KST142

wpeA.gif (1155 bytes) KST90 361600 304 750 ml 45 cm2 Inlet:
  1/4" NPT
  3/4" NPT
361700 316
KST142 302300 304 1.5 l 113 cm2
302400 316
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