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Electrophoresis Systems
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Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis Agarose Gel Submarine Electrophoresis
Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Paper Electrophoresis
Starch Gel Electrophoresis Power Supply for Electrophoresis
Electrophoresis Densitometer Transfer Blotting Unit
Semi-Dry Blotting Systems
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Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis (EPC105AA, 205AA, 243SA)
  • Standard type of electrophoresis for hemoglobin analysis.
  • Requires less sample and stain volume than other tests.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPC105AA EPC205AA EPC243SA
    Sample Number 10 samples at 1 cm intervals 20 samples at 1 cm intervals 24 samples at 6 mm intervals
    Accessories -- Applicator
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 170x170x55 330x170x55 272x136x80
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    Agarose Gel Submarine Electrophoresis
    Agarose Gel Submarine Electrophoresis (EPA071AA, EPA135AA)

  • Use EPA071AA for quick screening of a few samples.
  • EPA135AA is compatible with buffer circulation pumps, preventing pH and ionic gradient formation.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPA071AA EPA135AA
    Gel Size (in mm) 70x60 130x130
    Comb 1 mm, for 1,3 & 6 samples 1 & 2 mm for 1,4, & 16 samples
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 126x72x57 220x150x70
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    Agar System For Immuno-Electrophopesis (EPG172AA)

  • Simple and inexpensive testing system for viral antibodies.
  • Set specifically designed for precipitation (AGP) and immuno-diffusion (AGID) tests.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPG172AA
    Material Chamber Acrylic resin
    Cover (Lid) Glass plate
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 245x205x75
    Accessories Glass plates and plastic frames for agar film preparation 165x119 (2), 106x81 (2), 89x63 (2), 75x52 (2), 75x26 (2)
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    Agar Gel Leveling Platform (EPG001AA)

  • Sturdy and easy to clean bakelite construction
  • Easily reproduce agar gels at a uniform thickness
  • Make gels up to 274x207 mm
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    Gel Cutter (EPG002AA)

  • Sturdy and easy to clean bakelite construction
  • Effective cutting area 300x120 mm
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    Constant Humidity Chamber (EPG003AA)

  • Chamber for room temperature gel precipitation
  • Acrylic housing and rubber door seal
  • Overall dimensions: W185xD180xH180 mm
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    Fluorescent Transilluminator (EPG004AA)

  • View gels marked with fluorescent dyes and proteins
  • PVC housing with glass window
  • Two 6W fluoroescent bulbs for clear visibility
  • Overall dimensions: W265xH225xD100 mm
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    Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
    Vertical Slab Gel Electrophoresis (EPL082DA, EPL156SA, EPL156DA) (EPL001AA, EPL006AA)

  • For protein separation and characterization.
  • Run SDS-PAGE or native gels.
  • Compatible with PADGE tests for 2D electrophoresis.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPL082DA EPL156SA EPL156DA
    Gel Size (WxH, in mm) 80x70 145x160
    Comb (for 1 mm intervals) 10x2 13x1 13x2
    Support Media double single single
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 120x130x150 210x140x220 230x140x220
    * Please contact us regarding accessories, such as gel combs and glass plates.

    Slab Gel Electrophoresis Related Products
    Model Description
    EPL001AA Slab Gel Staining/De-staining Unit
    EPL002AA Disc Gel Staining Unit
    EPL006AA Slab Gel Dryer
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    Disc Gel Electrophoresis (EPD122AA, 126AA)

  • For PAGDE separation of macromolecules in fluids, including serum.
  • Opaque white base provides increased visibility during migration.
  • Adjustable upper buffer reservoir and interchangeable glass tubes make it easy to set desired migration distance. (EPD126AA)
    Product Specifications
    Model EPD122AA EPD126AA
    Migration tube (in mm) ø5xø7x80 ø5xø7x150
    Sample Count 12 samples
    Overall Dimensions (in mm) ø180xH140 W160xD180xH175
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    Isoelectric Focusing (IEF) Disc Gel (EPF125AA)

  • Alternative to conventional electrophoresis for genetic marker typing.
  • 2 sets of electrodes facilitating IEF or PADGE testing on the same unit.
  • Reduce analysis time and cost per sample while increasing resolution.
  • Compatible with vertical PAGE tests for 2D electrophoresis.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPF125AA
    Glass Migration Tubes ø2xø4x130mm, 12pcs.
    Sample Count 1 ~ 12 samples
    Overall Dimensions ø180xH240mm
    Standard Accessories
    Extraction syringe and needle (1), Gel spoon (1), Glass migration tubes (15), Tube stoppers (15), Base & stand (1)
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    Paper Electrophoresis
    Low Voltage Paper Electrophoresis (EPP165AA)

  • Supports organic and inorganic ion analysis.
  • Unit accommodates 1 large sheet or six 20mm strips.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPP165AA
    Appropriate Filter Paper (WxL, in mm) Chromotography paper (No. 51A*)
    Size: 155x400: 1 sheet or 20x400: 6 strips
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 430x260x95
    Standard Accessories Ruler for trimmming paper (1)
    *Please refer to the Advantec MFS, Inc. filtration catalog.
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    High Voltage Paper Electrophoresis (EPP607HA)

  • Perform analysis on organics, inorganics, sugars and other samples where high speed and resolution are required.
  • Compatible with procedures requiring 2D electrophoresis.
  • Adjustable frame accommodates papers 40 to 60 cm long.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPP607HA
    Appropriate Filter Paper (WxL, in mm) Chromotography paper (No. 51A*) 60 - 40x60 mm
    Maximum Voltage 5000V
    Buffer Capacity 1.5 - 2.5L
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 730x190x330
    *Please refer to the Advantec MFS, Inc. filtration catalog.
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    Starch Gel Electrophoresis (EPT210WA, 602SA)
  • Perform basic analysis on proteins such as isozymes.
  • EPT602SA can accommodate six 20mm wide gels at once. Each gel can be cut (on cutting board, included) to yield two 3 mm layers.
  • EPT210WA can accommodate two full-size gels at once. Each gel can be cut to yield two 3 mm layers.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPT602SA EPT210WA
    Type Standard Horizontal Wide horizontal
    Gel Size (WxDxt, in mm) 20x200x6 100x200x6
    No. of Gels 6 at once 2 at once
    Gel Supports 12 2
    Cutting Board 1 --
    Glass Weights 12 2
    Wire Cutter -- One 5m roll
    Also Includes: Gel holder (1), Staining tray (6), Tape (1roll), Horizontal & Vertical cutter (1 ea.)
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    Power Supply for Electrophoresis (EPS053AA, 203AA, 303AA)
  • Automatic shutoff safety feature ensures proper voltage and current are not exceeded.
  • EPS203AA and EPS303AA can be connected to two electrophoreis units simultaneously.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPS053AA EPS203AA EPS303AA
    Voltage Range 10 to 500V 20 to 2,000V 30 to 3,000V
    Current Range 5 to 200mA
    Display 3 digit for voltage, current turnover, and timer
    Timer Continuous, or from 0 to 999 minutes
    Output Terminals 1 2 2
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    Electrophoresis Densitometer (EPY443RA)
  • Use to record results from cellulose acetate, polyacrylamide, agar, and starch gels, TLC slides, filter paper, and more.
  • Reading and printing results takes as little as 10 seconds.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPY443RA
    Light Source Tungsten lamp, 12DC, 10W
    Current Range 5 to 200mA
    Slit 5 kinds (0.2x2, 0.3x3, 0.5x5, 0.5x7, 1.0x3mm)
    Filter 4 sheets (440,500,565,620nm)
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 500x450x290
    Chart paper Thermal paper (114mmx25m roll)
    Printing Sample Description Density curve, Peak mark, Sample number (0-99), Peak number (0-99), Peak percentage (4 figures with one decimal place)
    *Please contact us for additional information regarding included accessories.
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    Transfer Blotting Unit
    Transfer Blotting Unit (EPB491AA, 802AA)

  • Transfer from agarose or polyacrylamide gels for Western, Northern, or Southern blots.
  • Accommodates gels 160x145 or 80x70 mm.
  • Add ice to cooling chamber for low-cost cooling.
  • EPB802AA can run transfers from 2 gels simultaneously.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPB491AA EPB802AA
    Electrode Gap (in cm) 4.9 8
    Buffer Capacity (in mL) 1,250 1,900
    Max. Blotting Area (WxD, in mm) 150x170 150x170 (x2)
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    Blotting Power Supply (EPS018AA)

  • High voltage power supply for transfer blotting.
  • Can also be used as a high voltage power supply for electrophoresis units.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPS018AA
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 110x250x210
    Power Output High Voltage DC 0~100V / 0~600mA
    Low Voltage DC 0~40V / 0~1,600mA
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    Semi-Dry Blotting Systems
    Semi-Dry Blotting System (EPE103AA, 106AA, 156AA)

  • Uses filter paper presoaked with buffer.
  • Can be stacked with dialysis membrane for multiple sandwiched gel transfers.
  • Systems produces little heat, and does not require refrigerant.
  • Boxes available in 3 sizes to suit a variety of gel sizes.
  • Faster, cleaner, and more economical than tank blotting systems.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPE103AA EPE106AA EPE156AA
    Positive/Negative Electrode High density carbon plates
    Electrode Dimensions (WxD, in mm) 100x100 100x150 150x150
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 120x120x120 170x120x120 170x170x120
    Standard Accessories Filter paper for blotting x100 sheets
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    Rotisserie Hybridizing Apparatus (EPM102AA, 102HA)

  • Suitable for hybridization of nucleic acids, for controlled washing, or for protein antibody response reactions.
  • Minimal amouts of antibody are required for this process.
    Product Specifications
    Model EPM102AA EPM102HA
    Temperature Range 50°C or lower 65°C or lower
    Bottle Roller Size (mm) ø25 ~ ø100x110
    Bottle Roller 2
    Rolling Speed (fixed, rpm) 30
    Overall Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm) 230x160x70 220x160x65
    Standard Accessories 4 bottles (ø40x110 mm) 5 bottles (ø30x115 mm)
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    Cellulose Acetate ElectrophoresisAgarose Gel Submarine ElectrophoresisPolyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
    Paper ElectrophoresisStarch Gel ElectrophoresisPower Supply for Electrophoresis
    Electrophoresis DensitometerTransfer Blotting UnitSemi-Dry Blotting Systems